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Our values

Boundless Curiosity
Harmony of Thought & Action
Ethical Innovation

We believe in looking beyond the conventional. By seamlessly weaving thought and action, we ensure that our visions are not just dreamt, but realized, fostering advancements that resonate with real-world needs.
The technologies we create are not just smart or groundbreaking; they're responsible. We're passionate about harnessing tech for the greater good, ensuring that our innovations empower, uplift, and unite humanity.

AI generated topography of kigali. Created using Midjourney AI Artist BurntBacon


We are always looking for talented individuals who are persistently curious and can translate imagination into innovation

Strategic Partnership

Build the future

At Horus Labs, we are a dedicated team of innovators, thinkers, and creators, who believe in the transformative power of technology.

We are devoted to building a brighter, more efficient, and interconnected future.

Our current offerings include  

  • Private secure cloud with local (In Rwanda) storage options.

  • Technical consulting for Infrastructure, Platform & Software

AI generated landscape of kigali. Created using Midjourney AI Artist BurntBacon

Our Solutions

Local public clouds​

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